LINET helps take education of nurses into 21st century

LINET helps take education of nurses into 21st century 


Seeking opportunities for innovation in the professional education of nurses and implementing them successfully at an international level – this is the main goal of the new project Mobility, which is being executed under the auspices of LINET. By September 2014 the project, which has arisen from cooperation of the French and Swedish subsidiaries of the Czech bed manufacturer with professional nursing organizations from the Czech Republic, Poland, and the Swedish Karolinska University Hospital, should introduce a list of recommendations for the improvement of lifelong education in healthcare professions and contribute to the creation of an international partner network to collaborate on implementing the recommendations. The project was launched thanks to a grant from the European Leonardo da Vinci program, which supports vocational education.

Development in healthcare technologies is moving at an ever increasing rate. This has had an impact on the increasing demands of healthcare personnel and their ability to take advantage of new technology. Through this project we hope to create conditions for innovation in the existing educational methods, which can no longer meet the demands of the current advances in medicine,” explains LINET Marketing Director and Project Coordinator Pavlína Horová.

The first phase of the project will focus primarily on analysis of the present situation in healthcare worker education. This analysis should identify the current needs for educational activities from the standpoint of nurses, as well as any significant obstacles preventing the effective transfer of knowledge. In the second half of 2012, a task group will begin putting together proposed specific opportunities for innovation in the professional education of nurses.

We have always worked with healthcare professionals in the development of new products; thanks to their willingness to share experience, we have become a market leader in innovation. Therefore, as a token of our gratitude, we would like to contribute to innovations that can help improve both conditions for working in healthcare and the overall quality of healthcare too,” adds Pavlína Horová.
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